I Gave My Heart to the Sea

20 04 2014

We loaded the truck and made our getaway, making our temporary escape from reality. Life just hurdled us around a curve and the coming weeks are going to be crazy, hectic, trying. But Friday afternoon whispered the promise of freedom: the weekend.

In no real hurry, we rambled out of town, following the old mantra, “go west young man, haven’t you been told?” West along the Gorge, through farmland and big city and mountains until, finally, salt filled the air and a wide blank expanse filled my dark window. The coast at long last.

Darkness had already settled but the campgrounds were thankfully not full. Despite a few complications, the tent went up and us in it. Once Simba’s bed went in, he knew his place and followed. I cocooned myself into my sleeping bag, sandwiched between my favorites. Heaven.


I woke with the light Saturday morning, the norm for me when camping. But it was the soft diffused light of an overcast morning, so I lingered in the warmth of my down bag. Simba stirred, nudging his nose into the opening of my bag, seeing if I was awake. I was rewarded with his wet tongue covering my face in doggy kisses.20140424-205825.jpg

We finally got ourselves up and ready for the day. We had beach to explore! The rain started slowly and softly, barely noticeable in the already-damp air. We secured our tent and took off.

The rain stayed steady so we found a little cove right off the road. The trail took us through the lush, saturated forest full of monster old-growth spruce trees. It was somehow eerie and enchanting at the same time, dark and mystical in the rain. The sounds of water surrounded us: falling through the leaves around us, rushing over the rocks of the creek next to us, pounding the shore down in front of us. The trees parted and there she was: The ocean.

I don’t think Simba has ever been to the ocean, at least not judging by his hilarious reaction. The tide was low, the waves gigantic, the sand stretching out far and flat. We raced for the water, then Simba noticed it was headed straight for us….

…”omg! Run as fast as you can! Hurry, we have to escape! Good it’s gone – let’s chase it again!!”


Silly mutt. He also licked a wave, violently shaking his head and sneezing as a result. We played and played despite the rain that came and went. Finally soaked through, we hiked back to the truck. I tried to dry us off the best I could and tucked Simba into his bed behind J. Then into town we went for some SHOPPING!

The rain, of course, slowed and then stopped while we wandered through an olive oil tasting room, a candy shop, a beach-wear boutique and a fantastic creperie. By the time we got back to the super-smelly truck, my arms were full of bags and J’s belly was full of crepe. A quiet dinner at a local place and we headed back to our campsite for a calm evening. J decided we needed some warmth and lit up a lovely bonfire. I made a mad dash for the food stash, dug out the marshmallows and graham crackers, and combined all ingredients for the loveliest evening I’ve had in quite a while. After failing to put myself in a marshmallow-induced sugar coma, I joined my pooch in the tent.



After an insanely glorious night of sleep, we spent the majority of our Easter morning wandering the expanse of sand past the “Beach Access” sign of our campground. Crappy weather = very few people, besides us. We didn’t mind hanging out with the gulls, the Haystacks (those gigantic rocks out in the water), and the piles of driftwood. So awesome!


I have very regal men in my life ❤

I was sad to fold up the tent and load the cooler back into the truck. The sea gets under my skin as soon as I smell the salt, as soon as I hear the inhale and exhale of the waves, as soon as I see the constant ebb and flow movement of the water. And I get a little….lyrical. But I’ll let my poetic meanderings stay in my neat-o frito waterproof notebook. For now.

Now then, back to hectic reality!!  😀




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