I am not a tree

8 05 2014

Some might call me a “gypsy”, others prefer “nomad” – most stick with “crazy fool”. I don’t care, the fact remains: I LOVE MOVING.

If you’ve been around a while, you already know this. In the 3 1/2 years I’ve been writing this blog, I’ve moved 3 times! Well, I have now…

That’s right, I squeezed in another move. We found a house right before our awesome trip to the coast, signed the first set of papers as we headed out of town that weekend, and started packing like maniacs as soon as walked back in the door Sunday evening. Ahhh, the delightful scent of cardboard mixing with the aromas of packing tape and sharpie….

We didn’t go far this time. In fact, we’re still on the same road, sort of. Just 20 miles south. But we’re closer to “town”, as we country folk like to say – about 5 minutes into White Salmon, WA, 10 minutes to Hood River, OR. So awesome!!

The reasons behind this move were vastly different than the last 3 – no falling in love and closing the gap of a long distance relationship, no new jobs or promotions. Nope, I’m just a pansy and have hit my limit with being a hermit. My isolation has driven me close enough to the point of insanity that J agreed we should move closer to civilization. Yay!

This kind of move dredges up a whole different team of emotions than other kinds. We’re not off to brand new places full of brand new things – we’re generally in the same area. And most other aspects of our lives are staying the same…same work lives, same people we hang out with. I know some of this will change – but you get my drift.

I discovered that this new team of emotions was an interesting bunch. Nostalgia has shown itself to be the definitive team captain. I noticed Regret hanging out on the sidelines, trying to sneak in. Excitement and Stress are varsity starters…but Nostalgia is running the show.

It’s so easy to fall into his trap. “Aww, our old house was so big and roomy…man I miss our wood stove…I’m so sad to leave my towering Ponderosas…” And then the other side of the coin: “This new place is so small…we’re literally living in someone’s basement…why are there so many spiders? Where are we going to put our stuff?”

Yes, it’s true, our last house was pretty awesome and in a ridiculously gorgeous spot. But I was living the life of a hermit because we lived so far out. Thirty miles to the grocery store gets old fast. It would be different if I had a job I went to every day, where I could soak up human interaction like a little sponge. But I work from home, waving at neighbors from afar and slowly becoming more and more socially awkward. So we moved. And I have started countering all Nostalgia’s big moves. That house was too big, bigger than we needed, and intimidating to try to keep clean. The fire in the stove was great to watch, but the smoke made my eyes burn and left a delightful gray film on everything – the walls and windows and furniture. It also consumed about 4 cords of wood, all of which had to be cut, split and stacked. No wood stove might be nice….

And moving to a smaller place forced us to purge our crap. Neither of us are real pack rats, but when there’s space, there’s no motivation to get rid of anything. Our Goodwill pile is damn impressive!! We decided we might stash it all and have a big yard sale when we’re settled in.

Our new little basement is charming and cute and just big enough for us. The house is built on a slope so one side of our new digs is mostly windows, though the deck above us provides shade to keep us cool all summer. And the location – man oh man! We’re right in the valley of the White Salmon River, which you can hear below from our porch, and only about 2 miles up from the Columbia. The land around us is half orchard, half untamed, overgrown brush and forest. It’s insanely gorgeous and the orchard fruit stand is just at the end of our driveway – fresh produce all summer! And without those towering ponderosa trees shading the entire yard, I can garden again!!


Not a bad view…

Possibly the best part of all is that we live in someone’s basement. That someone happens to rent out rooms upstairs, too. We moved into a house where other people also live – built in friends! So far, all our new housemates are ridiculously nice. One awesome woman is soon to be my new BFF – I just know it!

The pros definitely outweigh the “aw dang it”‘s that Nostalgia keeps trying to through my way. Our last place was great, sure – but so is this one. I have a sneaking suspicion that once we get the boxes unpacked and the cellphone boosters installed and my garden planted, this new house is going to surpass the old one.

A favorite quote of mine says, “If you don’t like where you are, change it. You are not a tree.” I think this applies to much more than geography, and our new house is just the first step for me not being a tree. But it’s a big step, and one that I think will help me greatly.

It might take a bit for us to get unpacked and organized, but who wants to visit first?!?





7 responses

9 05 2014

I will pick up hooey and we will come and visit. 😀

9 05 2014

Sorry typo, Hopey.

27 07 2014
Miss Snarky Pants

You love MOVING? Dear god, where were you a little over a month ago. You would have been welcome to move our things into, yet, another house. Please let me know the next time you’d like to move because I make sure that whole “nostalgia” thing isn’t an issue for you. You can’t feel nostalgic about crap you’ve never seen and a house you’ve never lived in. Problem solved! 😉

29 07 2014

Ha – I love helping other people move, too! It’s way easier – I can throw away all kinds of stuff for someone else. Do you need to downsize? That’s what I’m best at – downsizing other people! 😀 (PS: We moved in April and I’m STILL not completely unpacked. So I’ll pack for you if you unpack for me!)

29 07 2014
Miss Snarky Pants

Oh, dear. I can’t stand not being unpacked. We finished up a couple weeks back, although there are still a few suspicious boxes my office that I fear require my attention. I can’t write in chaos; I feel guilty the entire time. I also have some experience downsizing other people – and I’m getting better at doing it for myself. What’s holding you back? Did you forget to downsize before the move?

6 08 2014

No, we downsized a ton. It just wasn’t quite enough. And summer is so busy for us, we have trouble finding time to tackle the big things that are left. That combined with the challenge of no storage space (I mean barely one tiny closet for clothes!) we just resigned to having some boxes until schedules calm down or I set fire to it all……

12 08 2014
Miss Snarky Pants

You poor thing. Small closets are the product of the devil.

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