Moments of Hope

18 10 2014

Everyone needs a little Hope – it’s how we get through our wild, ridiculous lives. Hope fuels us, drives us, keeps us going. Lucky for me, I have 27 pounds of strawberry-blonde Hope, bundled with lots of sass, a Texas-size bossy streak, and a heart so big I don’t know how it fits in such a little body.

sassy pants in Seaside, OR coast

My Hope is in Texas, so I just get visits, always too short. In September, my mother managed to get Hope on a plane (with the help of my Aunt Mary) and fly her up to me. A whole week with family! The anticipation almost killed me, but I finally made it to the airport and squeezed everyone into my car. Mine all mine!

I did my best to show the grown-ups a good time and simultaneously entertain my Hope (and keep her out of trouble). I really wanted to show my family all the wonderfulness of this awesome place I call home, so I loaded them up in the car each day and hauled them all over the place. Shopping and wine tasting and waterfalls, of course, but I also decided they just HAD to see the Oregon coast, so we went there, too. We hiked in the forest and swam in the Columbia and splashed in the Pacific Ocean, and all the while, my little Hopey was such a trooper. Naps were sometimes skipped, and a few melt-downs did happen, but for a two-year-old used to a solid routine of ruling the house, she really did awesome.

summer swimming in the Columbia River, Hood River OR

She stripped off her dress, kicked off her shoes, and went swimming! (No, I didn’t follow suit.)

Things I learned about this fabulous little girl: she is determined, head-strong, stubborn, willful, and bossy as bossy can be. She is smart, creative, inquisitive, and very imaginative. She prefers the outdoors, loves to collect rocks and sticks, picks flowers, blows all the dandelions, chats with the birds, and wanted to take all the berries from the mountain ash tree home with her. I just love what a wild little child of nature she is, a little free soul already.

child picking wildflowers, White Salmon Wa

Picking wildflowers for Momma

eating taffy in Seaside, OR

All sass, wearing my sunglasses, eating my taffy…(I’m not sure why this picture is so blue)

first time to the Pacific, Seaside OR

SO excited to dip a toe in the ocean!

She was a little cautious about the pounding surf…at first. Then the first wave washed over her little bare toes, and she squealed with delight. And off she went, running and laughing with such abandon, the pure and simple joy of a happy child.

baby of the sea, sunset at Seaside OR

Like a child of the sea, she couldn’t get enough – despite the frigid temperature of that water

playing in the Pacific, Seaside OR

“No Keesta, like THIS”

Due to the distance between us, I always worry that little Hope won’t remember me, that one day I’ll see her and she won’t run up to hug me. Thankfully, that hasn’t happened yet, and she was just as attached to me as I had hoped. My status in life got a boost, and I became WONDERFUL. No one else could unbuckle her carseat, no one else could take her potty, no one else could sing to her before bed. We snuggled each morning when I got her out of bed, we ate breakfast together, we watched My Little Pony together while everyone got ready for the day. I was trying to soak up as much Hope as I could for the short time she was here, and to my great relief, she let me.

sister snuggles, Seaside OR

Morning snuggles and giggles between sisters

The day they arrived, it seemed like we had so much time, but before I knew what happened, we were headed back to the airport and my Hopey was gone. I cried my way home and had a difficult day of work. But then I would find evidence of Hope – rocks she had hid in my pockets when I did laundry, her little froggy toys hiding in random places, teddy grahams in the container of oatmeal, and random items from my make-up drawer tucked into the towels in the bathroom. They’re little reminders of my littlest sister. And they make me smile every time.

I can’t wait for the next visit, and all the visits after. One day, she’ll be able to come spend summers with me, and oh the adventures we’ll have!

I hope you have a little Hope, in some form or another, of your own.  😀




2 responses

18 10 2014

Hope is a sweetheart! And what a wonderful sister you are. I see lots of fun and adventure in store for the both of you in the future. Love the smiles!

19 10 2014
Lucille Glasgow

Beautifully written.  This has to be in her diary or someplace for her to treasure later.  I’m putting all your writing in a folder for myself.  Best wishes for the best in everything you do.  Take care and God bless.Love, Grandma

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