A 30-year-old Pirate

7 12 2014

Big news, people! I have officially survived my twenties! That’s right, J can no longer say he’s dating a twenty-something. I am the big three-zero, all grown-up and adult and … stuff.

To celebrate, J and I headed to the coast for a weekend away with 6 of my fabulous friends from Bend. We all left blizzard-ish conditions for a super sunny, beautiful couple of days. We rented a house and had the most glorious of times.

Now, you might be thinking you know what a birthday bash for a 30-year-old would look like. Probably a nice selection of wines and a lovely cheese sampler while discussing the local scandal at the ski hill and the latest election results. Then maybe a calm game of gin rummy while we place bets on who’ll be next to announce their pregnancy. (Ok, I have no idea what other 30-year-olds do for their birthdays….)

That’s definitely not what we did. We had a PIRATE PARTY!  My fab friends came to dinner in full costume to enjoy a feast complete with grog and a Code to solve a murder mystery. One pal even DIED. J did an amazing job with decorations and scripts and assigning characters, and the pirate party we had would rival any 5-year-old’s out there! (I even had a sword!)

We had pirates and wenches and commodores and love triangles and the dramatic death of Merciless Morgan. Then we had back-stabbing and sleuthing and whispering in the corners until finally the truth came out. Sealegs Sam (aka J!) was the MURDERER!! (I did not guess correctly – apparently I’m as love-blind and clueless as my character, Breathless Betty!)

It was insane fun and just reminded me (for the gazillionth time) that my friends are beyond awesome.

pirate murder mystery party, manzanita OR

ARG ye mateys!

We also played ultimate frisbee on the beach, collected sand dollars, played lots of games, and laughed and laughed and laughed. Oh, and there was cake!

blowing out birthday candles, manzanita OR

A little cake to celebrate…make a wish!

Pretty awesome way to celebrate 3 decades of life with some of my very favorite people. I also received some extremely awesome bday gifts that really started my day off in the best way possible. Nikki got me a beautiful set of earrings and a set of super fun travel cards. Cass worked her voodoo magic and made me lotion, soaking salts, and a sugar scrub with her essential oils that do amazing things for me (and smell really awesome, too). Ash put together a scrapbook of letters and pictures from friends and family that had me in tears – it’s amazing the people she managed to reach in order to get the letters; I was so deeply touched.  And that’s all on top of traveling all the way to the coast to celebrate with me! Life is so sweet when surrounded by such amazing folks. 🙂

Oh, and then there was J’s gift. We don’t do much in terms of gifts for each other – we prefer experiences to mark occasions. And two years ago, he managed to give me a cake while we were deep in the Amazon rainforest – that’s a tough birthday experience to top! But the man is creative and knows me so well, and he gave me an unforgettable way to ring in year #30.

We already had our plans in place to go to California for Thanksgiving, and he gave me the gift of skydiving at Perris Field while we there.


I’ve always wanted to jump out of a perfectly good airplane (on purpose!) and now I would finally get to!! Talk about the adventure of a lifetime! He even found a set of those little toy parachute people as a way to give me his gift. I almost fell off the couch when I realized what it was!

(I couldn’t help but wonder if he’s still trying to secretly, nonchalantly get rid of me without anyone noticing…. I survived the death-trip over the mountains without falling off a cliff, and the trip to the jungle without getting eaten, and the skiing without breaking my neck, and the climb to the top of Mt Adams without stabbing myself with the ice axe. Hm. He either loves me and loves taking me on incredible adventures, or he’s trying to get rid of me and make it look like an accident. I mean, this is the end of his bragging rights for dating a twenty-something, remember?!)

So. Awesome birthday. We had an incredible time over Thanksgiving in California, and, as you probably guessed, I did survive my jump.

But that’s for next time.


Oregon coast, Manzanita





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