I Know There’s a Light Around Here Somewhere….

11 11 2015

Grad school is trying to kill me. Like, literally. Or maybe that’s my stressed-out, sleep-deprived, 14-chapters-in-and-5-left-to-read brain just hallucinating. Either way, I’m not totally convinced I’ll survive until July. I might fear for my life, but I just don’t have the time.

In case you’re wondering, I’m supposed to be writing papers right now. One short paper due tomorrow, one beast due on Monday, and Godzilla due next Wednesday. So of course, I’m procrastinating by rambling on in a blog post.

This is what my life has become. But it’s been EONS since I wrote anything that I didn’t have to justify with research, or reflect on, or submit to anyone for a grade (please don’t grade this).

In happier news, I do get to break up the slog of university classes with two days of 5th graders. Every Tuesday and Thursday I get to hang out with 26 ten-year-olds and they rock my world. They make me laugh and they make me learn and they make me try harder. I’ve started teaching them, too – a history lesson here, a reading lesson there – and I have discovered things about myself I never even thought to think about.

And those kids – they’ll give you an ego boost and an ego deflation several times a day. I started jotting down quotes from my crazy class.

  • “If you can’t trust the CIRCUS, then WHO CAN YOU TRUST?!” (after watching a video of the Chinese circus)
  • “Ms. Glasgow, I really like your hair today. Its just so wild and frizzy and EVERYWHERE!”
  • “Ms. Glasgow, Ms. Glasgow! All of my pencils have escaped from my pencil box! Can I borrow one of yours?”
  • “Ms. Glasgow, your dress is really nice, I like this outfit. It looks so comfy! Actually, it looks like a nightgown, but I bet you’re comfy!”
  • “Wait, you’ve been in college longer than I’ve been ALIVE!!” (I had to explain that there was a break between the first time and this time. But it sure feels that way…)
  • “Ms. Glasgow, Ms. Glasgow! I need to go to the library! I don’t want this book anymore, ’cause it smells like feet, and I don’t want to read smelly feet!”

One of my favorites came after a math lesson. I had spent many, many hours writing out a math lesson plan and accompanying rationale for class. This project is 50% of my total grade, and the final product was a whopping 18 pages long. Then I had to actually teach it. So after hours and hours of prep, I stood before my 26 little faces and proceeded to teach my heart out. We were learning exponents that day, and I was determined they were going to be experts at the end of that 50 minutes. I was so caught up in hitting all the parts of my mega-huge lesson, that I didn’t realize that I didn’t check the answer of the kid that showed us the correct strategy, and I essentially taught the rest of the lesson wrong.

By the end of it, every student was lost and confused. So was I. As we walked out to their next class, one of the highest-performing kids walked up to me and said:

“Ms. Glasgow, I’m really smart, and I have no idea what you were doing up there. Are you going to teach us the rest later?”

I just about died. As soon as he went in the building, I laughed and laughed. Then I asked my mentor teacher if I should just quit now, and she said not yet, that happens all the time and I could give it another shot the next day.

And I did. Teaching is all about flexibility. And guess what? By the end of Exponents: Part II on Thursday, every one of those kids could work with exponents. Maybe I’ll be an alright teacher after all.


Today was a day off from university classes in observance of Veterans Day. In a week and a half, I board a plane bound for Texas to see my family for Thanksgiving. When I return, I’ll have two more weeks of class, then one week of finals, and then the semester is over. Three weeks of winter vacation.

There is indeed a light at the end of the tunnel!!





2 responses

12 11 2015
Nancy hart

Oh sweet heart, so glad you are coming home to see your family. But it’s going to be really fun hearing how your little sister puts you through your paces. She will be like all 26 rolled into one beautiful package. Lol.
Safe and fun trip Home.

12 11 2015

Ha, thanks Nancy! We tried to hold off telling Hope, but now she knows and asks every day. “Are you coming over to my house today?” “Not yet,” I tell her. “Ok, I’ll come to your house then.” I can’t wait to see everybody!

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