Going Places!

19 12 2015

I bought a tablet this week and I’m still trying to figure things out. Like how to save a blog post without publishing it! So, like I was tying to say before, I have finally conquered what some say is the hardest semester of our program! Yay! A great big check on the grad school checklist!

Our cohort had a Christmas party Thursday night to celebrate everything: surviving a grueling semester, completing our first semester of student teaching/observation, making it to the end without any casualties, and reaching winter break. We wore ugly sweaters and ate ourselves silly while laughing at the white elephant exchanges. The promise of two whole weeks stretching before us with no class, no student teaching, no papers to write or chapters to read had all of us giddy with anticipation. (Many of us were going to our placement classes on Friday.)


So now, my fall semester is officially 100% all the way completed. I said farewell to my 5th graders and my mentor yesterday and finished my errands today. I’ve stuffed my suitcase and snuggled my Simba-mutt at every chance. Tomorrow is the day: JBoo and I are embarking on a grand adventure!

Ok, I say that a lot. We like to adventure! And to find adventure in everyday things! Ok, that’s cheesy, but I have to tell myself something good to keep me going. Anyhow, we are in fact going on a mega huge amaze-balls adventure, starting tomorrow, and I have no idea how I’m going to get any sleep tonight!!

WE’RE GOING TO SPAIN! THREE WHOLE WEEKS OF CRUISING THE SOUTHERN HALF OF SPAIN! We start in Madrid, head south towards the coast, and end up in Barcelona. Woooooo!

With no papers to write, I plan to blog our adventures as we take on Spain. The journey begins tomorrow with our first leg from Seattle to NYC – west coast to east coast! Tuesday morning will find us finally in Madrid. Feel free to follow along with us on Twitter and here on the blog!

Editor’s note: big thanks for all the support during this crazy semester! My amazing friends, family, cohort, mentor teacher, and my Justin all helped get me this far. Thank you thank you THANK YOU!




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20 12 2015


28 12 2015
Lucille Glasgow

I heard a little birdie whisper something exciting happening besides the giant trip you two are on, like maybe a lifetime? Tell me more. Love, Grandma

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