All Grown Up

20 07 2017

Omg, adulting is so hard. And dumb. Paying bills and planning meals and vacuuming and keeping up with laundry. Making (and actually going to) doctor appointments. Wearing pants.

Being on summer vacation gives me a chance to float around in a weird in-between place. I still have to do those unfun things, but I can also sleep until 9 and have the occasional day of lounging in my skivvies while the boys are at work. It’s pretty fabulous. But then I decided to do the most adulty thing I’ve done in quite a while:


2015 Toyota Rav4 XLE buying a car

TA-DA! Simba demonstrates how to be appropriately excited. 

The last time I went car shopping was 9 years ago and my dad co-signed my loaned because I was barely out of college and my credit sucked. We went to a dealership, looked around, picked out a little Mazda 3, and off we went.

This time, I took time, LOTS of time. I researched different vehicles and crunched numbers to figure out how much I could pay. I poured over consumer reports and built spreadsheets and dug around Craigslist. So much time. Yuck. JBoo made me. (Thanks honey.)

But the effort was worth it. Though I don’t like research, I’m good at it, and I figured out exactly what I wanted and how much I would pay for it. We test drove a couple choices, narrowed it down to the Toyota RAV4, and I built a list of available vehicles for sale. My research gave me specific qualifiers: it had to be all wheel drive, it had to be the XLE model, and it could under no circumstances be white. *shudder*

J was very supportive through the whole process, especially when we got to the dealership and I realized I made a little whoopsy. I hadn’t checked for all wheel drive when making my final list. And naturally the top 3 on my list were NOT all wheel drive. My brain nearly imploded. But we figured it out and I drove home my beautiful new Toyota that day!! The process was brutal, and of course weird things kept happening.  My dad was still on the title of my Mazda.We bought the car in Washington but we’re Oregon residents. Though my car was correctly registered in Washington, the title had never been transferred there from Oregon, and I had not yet registered it back in Oregon so… was all sorts of goofy. But everything worked out and it’s now sitting in the driveway.

And I just love it. I guess not all adulting is bad. I do feel awfully grown up…and super fancy.  I happy-danced all the way home.


new car buying experience





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