My Story

This whole blog is kind of “My Story” but here’s the short and sweet version…

Once upon a time, a slightly lost girl from Texas jumped on an opportunity to move to the northwest. Thankfully, this spontaneous (and slightly rash) decision turned out to be just what she needed. Thus began the Adventures of KSnapped. Jumping in with both feet, she gave the PNW lifestyle everything she had – trying new sports, buying new gear, embracing winter, and blogging about all the adventures and mishaps.

That move turned out to be the life-altering kind of event that helped this lost girl figure out who she wanted to be and how to get there. I found one amazing adventure partner at the Bend Brewfest in 2010 (who eventually agreed to the adventure of marriage in 2016), and found the other (furrier) partner at a shelter in The Dalles, Oregon, in 2013. Our little family expanded again with a tiny new addition in 2018, who we hope to also integrate into the adventurous lifestyle we have adopted.

When not exploring the great outdoors or wandering the world, I build adventures in a classroom teaching 4th graders. I also enjoy knitting, cooking, and art, and creating new stories through writing. I’m fueled by strong, black coffee and a deep desire to see and do great things. Drop me a line and lets swap stories!

Happy trails! 🙂


5 responses

5 02 2012
Jumping in Mud Puddles

I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. You can see it at

5 02 2012

I’m nominating you for the 7X7 Link Award. It’s an award, but feels oddly like a chain letter. Enjoy.

6 02 2012

Well thank you, I don’t even know what to say. I’m blushing with pleasure! Unfortunately, having just passed the VBA to the only blogs I (so far) have found fun enough to follow, I might not do this justice. Is it terrible if I stash it away for a bit?

23 04 2012

I love when people are interested in lots of stuff. Same as me. Are you a Gemini too?? Great ‘Not About’ page!

23 04 2012

Thanks! I’m actually a Scorpio, not a Gemini. But I definitely have hobby ADD…

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