13 07 2017

I am on summer vacation. Officially. We went all the way through June 23rd, then I had a week of professional development classes, and now I’m done.

Ok, I realize that I’ve actually been free for almost 2 weeks now, but there’s been so much happening! Mostly in my brain, but STILL! It took me at least 2 days to stop waking up at 5:30am. It took a full week to turn my brain off from teacher mode and to stop trying to lesson plan. It was just such a difficult thing for my poor, exhausted, brain fragments to accept.

No, I don’t have to plan anything.
No, I don’t have to prepare anything.
No, I don’t have to pack anything else.
No, I don’t have to decorate anything. Or clean anything. Or call anyone. Or email anyone. Or post anything to parents.


You can imagine the difficulties after being in warp speed for the last 10 months. Especially because I deep-down, truly miss my crazy, hilarious, bright, amazing kiddos……

So we went camping for the 4th of July, to a beautiful spot on the forest where Simba and I roamed free and no fireworks could be heard. (Simba can’t handle the festivities.)

camping Trapper Creek WA

The best mutt in the world

Then we road-tripped to Seattle for a cousin’s gorgeous wedding and a weekend of family.

wedding weekend Seattle WA July 2017

My handsome JBoo

J accompanied me to Portland for a day of car shopping and indecision and test driving. I’ve let my mind start wandering back to things like knitting and painting and blog posts.

And…I’ve been housewiving. According to both Google and Webster, this is not yet a word. But it best describes my new activities. I have been making my best attempts at performing the duties I believe to fall under the job description of a housewife.

I’m quite terrible, but I’m practicing, hoping to get better.

Fact of the matter is, while I’ve been working on my teaching gig this last year, I’ve been an awful wife. I mean the worst. J barely even saw me as I worked 12 and 13 and 14 hour days. House responsibilities fell to him, as did the dog, and dinners, and pretty much everything else. He kept me alive by grocery shopping and cooking and rubbing my back at night. This man made my coffee every single morning and poured it into my to-go mug so I could be human by the time my kids arrived. Even on the weekends I was typically unavailable, mentally if not physically. He even helped grade papers on several occasions! (And the award for best husband of the decade goes toooooooooo…..!)

best husband ever 2017

He so deserves this!

So now I’m trying to give back to my darling husband and use my free time to balance out the relationship. I’m working to deep clean our little house and organize and purge. I meal plan and grocery shop and even baked cupcakes! Simba has been getting an average of 3-4 walks a day and I’ve waged war on the dog hair like my life depends on it.

But yall, this is hard! My mother stayed at home for a few years when I was in high school and I thought she must have had so much fun gardening and playing with the chickens and canning and sewing…. I somehow missed the work behind it all. How we always had a spotless house and clean laundry and delicious food and handmade pjs. For some unbelievable reason, I called her last week to whine about how I didn’t want to vacuum again, and I really wanted someone to come over and play with me. Being the best mother ever, she just laughed and asked if I had swept or dusted the bookcase or washed the curtains. Well, no, actually, I hadn’t even thought of half that list. Ashamed and knowing she taught me better, I hung up and scrubbed my kitchen spotless. And she kept the same standards whether she worked, went back to school, or stayed home – how the hell did she do it??

But it’s so hard not to get distracted! I tried dusting the bookcase and ended up snuggled on the couch reading for 2 hours. I took out the trash and spent a good half hour trimming and arranging my flower boxes outside. I popped onto my laptop to find a recipe for dinner and lost 3 hours to the black hole of the Internet.

The struggle is real.

Then J comes home and a few times, I have had dinner ready. And he exclaims over how spoiled he is and how happy Simba is to have me back home and what an incredible job I did on the house. I kiss his head and clean up the dishes and high-five myself for finding such a gem, even if he is prone to little white lies.

I’m doing my best to swat away the guilt that descends on days like yesterday, where I did nothing more than knit in front of the TV all day long, and made a pathetic excuse for dinner. I have to remember that I am basically in a state of recovery, and a day of nothing is fine – healthy even – and gives me the extra boost to be productive the next day. (And Simba’s sweater is almost done!)

So, I’m back at it today, attacking the tumbleweeds of dog hair and compiling a grocery list. But if anyone does want to come by and distract me, I’d love the company!!




Spring? Is that You? Nice of You to Join Us.

3 05 2013

Finally May, and Spring just might actually be here. Well, at my house anyway. I’m ignoring all the reports of snow and ice elsewhere in the country. It’s sunny and 63 degrees in my corner of the world, so who cares?! (I kid, I kid.)

But the tell-tale signs are there – happy daffodils dancing in the breeze, winter-dormant bushes and trees exploding buds from every branch, twitterpated little birdies flitting about too early in the morning. Last weekend at my bestie’s birthday bash, we sat out on the deck of the cabin we were renting and enjoyed the sunshine all afternoon. It was a bit cooler than today, but still nice.

I’ve even lost my mind and attacked my house in a crazy whirlwind of spring cleaning. (This can’t be good for my health.) Living in a big, old house has it’s disadvantages. Like forty billion corners for spiders to build webs in, and dirt from half a century ago hiding in odd spots. Thankfully, J and I aren’t slobs and my deep cleaning should last a while. I don’t know how often I can scrub the bathroom ceiling without toppling off the chair or sink – odds are, it’s bound to happen eventually!

But the house is looking gorgeous, the yard is looking gorgeous, and Simba and I sat in the grass in a nice patch of sunshine for a solid 5 minutes today. My coworkers in the office take smoke breaks, I take sunshine breaks.

spring daffodil, Trout Lake WA

Sun shiney daffodil – it’s glowing!!

I am a little bit sad that ski season is over, and I’m probably more surprised than anyone that such a statement would ever come from me. But I finally have an AMAZING gear set-up (minus poles, I never did get a set…) and was super amped up to become a ski pro. (It only takes a couple days on the mountain to be an expert, right?) I’m glad we managed to squeeze in 3 days of spring skiing, but it’s over, and I’m left whining about it.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not sad winter is over. No no, old man winter definitely overstayed his welcome this year. I love living in a place that sees more seasons that hot, really hot, unbearably hot, and 2 seconds of slightly chilly (I grew up in Texas), but I’m not crazy about 6 months of winter, either. At least I still get to hit the mountains, but now I’ll be in my hiking boots and back-pack!! Look out Adams, here I come!

In celebration of my favorite season and my middle name, here are a few more photos of flowers and new growth. There are no people in them because I live in the middle of nowhere. C’mon, now.

spring budding leaves, Trout Lake WA

I love a good set of new leaves

spring time budding bush, Trout Lake WA

And then BAM! new buds

blue flowers, spring in the Columbia Gorge

Nice pop of color while I wait for the lupines to bloom

And since he’s a fantastic model and posed so patiently for me, here’s a nice shot of my darling mutt.

adopted dog, Trout Lake WA

My handsome boy!

I hope your spring is going well. I’m off to enjoy this gorgeous weather with my fabulous weekend guests – stay tuned!


Things are getting….weird.

23 10 2012

Well, maybe I should say things are getting weirder. We’ve never been accused of being normal here!

For one, it snowed last night. Oh, right, I live in Canada northern Washington, maybe that is actually kinda normal. But the trees are still all lit up with their bright yellows and oranges and reds – so it’s weird to me to have snow before the leaves have drifted to the ground. McClure does look dashingly handsome with his white coat on, though.

And my face is weird! I mean, not the outside of it. I can’t help my normally weird face. But today, I went and made it feel all weird, too. Remember the screw I got installed in my jaw bone a while back? Time for an up-grade – off to the dentist on my lunch break! Doc starts asking me about my upcoming move, then sticks his hand in my mouth and unscrews my current hardware. It didn’t hurt, but it felt, well, a bit strange. Then he thrust it in front of my face, holding up another chunk of metal next to it. “We’re replacing that one with this one.” Ok sure, whatev. Then he started literally screwing it into down into my bone with an allen wrench. But the new was at least TWICE as big as the old one! When I yelped in pain, the hilarious man quipped “There we go! I wondered when that would hurt!” No warning, no Novocain, nothing. We chatted a bit, the throbbing subsided, and he stuck his hand back in for a few more turns. I yelped, he stopped, we chatted – rinse and repeat. He was essentially gauging my jaw bone. Normal punks gauge their ears, I gauge my BONE. If that doesn’t get me at least a couple bad-ass points, I don’t know what will! (C’mon, let me pretend I’m hardcore…)

huge ear gauge

This hooker aint got NUTTIN on me!! (She would totally kick my face in, wouldn’t she…)
[image from]

My stomach has not felt up to par in AGES. (Or like 2 weeks – still a long time when we’re discussing stomach discomfort!!) I can’t tell exactly what’s going on. I’m not sick, nor have I been sick (don’t make me say it – you know what I mean!). There’s been the slight queasiness and nausea that naturally accompanies excitement over life-altering events, but that’s not it either. I’ve narrowed it down to 3 potential culprits: weird meals, vaccinations, or Larz.

We have a bit of a ritual in our house we like to call “dinner together” – we sit down and have our evening meal at the kitchen table – together – almost every single night of the week. A meal which I have cooked. And over the last year and a half, I’ve discovered I am an awesome cook (if I do say so myself). Then over the summer, almost every meal consisted of tons of fresh veggies from the garden. My point is: we eat good. Until the last two weeks, when I declared an end to all grocery shopping – time to clean out the fridge! We can’t take anything from the fridge with us, so its a race to see if we can eat it’s contents before the movers arrive on Friday – and we’re doing a helluva good job. But this means meals have taken a whole new meaning… We ate four different kinds of pasta last week – but used up all the open bags of pasta, all open jars of sauce, and all remaining fresh veggies. Victory! Now we’re down to meals of chunks of cheese covered in bar-b-que sauce, pickles on the side, a dollulp of sour cream for dipping, and chicken broth to drink. Yummy!

If strange food weren’t enough, I’ve also been pumping my body full of enemies. Traveling to a developing country and plans for the Amazon rainforest pose a bit of a health risk…meaning we need tons of vaccinations. And all these vaccinations are making me G.O.O.F.Y. with a capital ‘goof’ capital ‘y’.  My body is rising up in rebellion against me for opening the door and inviting such horrible things in – hepatitis, yellow fever, typhoid fever, maleria. The joker that stabbed me for yellow fever said they use dead strains of the virus these days, but STILL! My white blood cells are scrambling to build up their soldiers antibodies against so many different Nazis viruses like we’re gearing up for World War III! Besides my poor tummy being upset, my brain is addled, I’m tired and mopey, and I just feel generally off. Not cool, yo. Especially because I gots things to DO!!

The last theory involves Larz. J has been feeling weird, too, for the same reasons obviously, and he came up with this one: we definitely contracted a tapeworm. Both of us. I named the tapeworms Larz and pointed out smartly that we haven’t been to the jungle yet, where we would be much more likely to actually get a tapeworm. All the same, it became a joke. Every time one of our bellies rumbles, we reply to Larz. If a little gas bubble escapes, we blame Larz! “Larz! How rude!” It’s kinda nice, actually, to have a scapegoat.

Let’s recap: I’m cold, my face hurts, and an alien has abducted my digestive system. Moving on.

There have been a few…perks. We’ve started rearranging and organizing things for the movers, and setting aside things that we’ll take in our cars instead of letting the movers put in storage. Some things just aren’t worth moving…such as bottles of wine. They could get broken and ruin everything! Guess we better drink them! So fun. Glass in hand, I also started throwing things away. (This got more exciting when the glass was the second or third…) Magazines that I was keeping for…uh…why would I keep magazines? Trash! I’m never going to sew up this shirt – garbage! These cutesy pictures I once considered sticking up on the wall – toss ’em! This is why I love moving. I may not be doing the actual packing, but I can still PURGE! That (and the wine) make me feel oh-so-much better. 🙂

Just a couple more days, then the whirlwind begins!! I hope Larz can keep it together…. This very well might be my last post from the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!! So, while we’re talking about how weird everything is, I would just like to throw out there I am NOT skirting my patriotic duty and I will be submitting my ballot by mail to vote. We didn’t strategically plan to be out of the country during the election. And if I can vote despite all of what’s going on, SO CAN YOU. I don’t care what your politics are, I don’t care what wacko you root for, but get your buns out there and take advantage of your right to vote. And that is the most political I’m ever going to get. Now go forth and prosper! I’m going to bed.


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