DIY: Extreme Christmas Edition!!

13 12 2011

I’m not one who is on the prowl for the latest inflatable lawn ornament in early November.  I don’t ruin my food-coma by camping out at some store on Black Friday.  And I even refuse to listen to carols before December.  But I LOVE Christmas time.  Honestly, who doesn’t?!  And decorating is one of the funnest parts!  But mother of Jesus, have you seen the cost of Christmas decorations?  I could pay off my student loans for what they want for a tree, lights and a pack of bulbs!

Besides that, we don’t exactly have a Wal-Mart or Target where we can pick through all the choices.  The grocery store had a few strands of garland, the pharmacy put out some fancy ornaments and the hardware store advertised tree stands and skirts.  Then some guys set up a tent outside the grocery store selling trees.

No, thanks.  I’ll do it myself!

First order of business: we need a tree.  J and I bundled up, tossed the snowshoes in the car and grabbed some rope.  A stop at the gas station where we bought a permit for five bucks, and off to the forest we went!  We tromped all over the place, searching for our perfect tree.  J wouldn’t let me chop down a huge one and just take the top, and I wouldn’t let him snip the twig he wanted for a true Charlie Brown tree.

Christmas Tree, Okanogan Wenatchee National Forest

J's Twig. No sir!

Christmas Tree, Okanogan Wenatchee National Forest

My giant. I just wanted the top.

Then I saw it.  It was THE tree – my perfect Christmas tree!  Now to get to it.  I left the snowshoes behind.  Tromping through the crusty snow, I stumbled over logs, fought through shrubs, tripped into holes and battled across dry creeks.  But there it was in the clearing just ahead!  So beauti – oh, wait.  Nope.  That’s not the one.  Dang it.  It looked awful once I got close up.  Oh!  But look at that one!  Now just to get to it…..

This went on for about 20 – 30 minutes.  J and I were off in separate directions, hoping to cover more ground.  Then, low and behold, I really did find The Perfect Tree.  I sang J’s name til he finally made it over to me, and he agreed.  Out came the saw, down came the tree.  And bonus points: its was right on the side of the road.  We could haul it down the nice smooth road instead of back through the tangle of forest.  Score.

Cutting down Christmas Tree, Washington

Chopping down The Tree!

We carefully tied Doug (get it?  Douglas Fir?  hahaha….haha…ha.) to the roof of the car and brought him home.  A little more sawing, a little twisting and turning, and soon Doug was spun into the perfect position in his handy tree stand.

Christmas Tree on the Roof of the Car, Washington

Too bad we don't have a truck...

Next came the fun part: craft time!  Ten bucks worth of supplies from the drug store and we were in the ornament-making business.  Construction paper, markers, glitter, crazy scissors, aluminum foil, glue, string – our kitchen table looked like a 3rd grade art room.  Our ornaments looked like they came from the same room….

DIY Christmas Ornaments

Old school ornament making!

After stringing the lights on Doug the Perfect Tree, we hung our paper ornaments.  We even made a paper chain from sheet music copied onto construction paper for the most fabulous paper chain ever.  I cut out a big sunshine and J made a few elusive Christmas ninjas.  We even busted out some macaroni to complete the project.  Once all the ornaments were added, we needed a tree topper.  I thought about constructing some sort of star awesomeness for the top.  But that idea was ditched for a better one: a santa hat!  You just tell me this isn’t the best tree in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD!!!

Christmas Tree, Twisp WA

Best tree in the WORLD!!

Hope your Christmas season is going as well as mine!  ❤



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