Reminiscing Once More

31 12 2016

Here we are, sitting on the cusp of another new year. I’m not going to lie, I’m a little surprised we made it.


Whew, we made it. That was a rough one, girlfriend.

It’s weird to sit back and think over the last year. Partly because I haven’t had much time to sit back and think at all over the last 12 months. But being New Year’s Eve, I feel ok about allowing myself these few minutes of nostalgia….

This time last year, I was overflowing with all the feels – I had diamonds on my left hand that I couldn’t stop staring at while I shimmied into my gold dress to ring in the new year in the city square in Granada, Spain. We ate grapes and cheered and sang and kissed under the grand lights and I felt like this was going to be such a great year!!!


So optimistically happy ❤

And a lot of really amazing things did happen this year. Since my social media is full of lists of all the crappy things that happened in 2016, I’m not going to add my own. The future is unknown, and right now a little uncertain and scary, so I’m going to ruminate on the positive.

  1. I came home from an incredible adventure in Spain, engaged to my handsome beau
  2. Grad school did not kill me, and instead I graduated
  3. After lots of anxiety and applications, I landed my first teaching position
  4. During the first week of said teaching position, our 2 families gathered together and I married that handsome beau and made him mine
  5. I turned 32, and felt ok about it
  6. Teaching proved to be the hardest thing I’ve ever done, but I made it the first trimester
  7. We bailed ship as soon as school let out and celebrated…well everything, on a delayed honeymoon in Costa Rica

And here we are! J and I are still unpacking and resettling after our adventures. We talk a lot about the coming months, years, but right now, its nice to celebrate the happiness we have right here right now.

Happy New Year!



Wrapping up 2011

29 12 2011

Can you believe 2011 is almost over?  Done-sies, the end, fin, gone, OVER.  Crazy how fast it seemed to fly by….

By the way, Christmas was good!  How was yours?  Were the halls decked with holly, and twas the season jolly?  Better yet, did Santa bring you all that your little heart desired?!  I came pretty close.  J and I made the trek back to Bend, of course.  Ashlee always jokes that I didn’t actually move, I’m just commuting.  I’m starting to believe her.  I’m also beginning to think a pilot’s license and a private jet would be terribly handy…

Anyway, Christmas in Bend was pretty awesome.  We stayed with my sister this time, although she had to work both Saturday and Sunday, which was a bummer.  Ashlee let us hang out at her house as much as we wanted, and we spent a good amount of time with her and her Momma.  Both of them feel like family to me, which really helped ease the pain of not being with my own Momma on Christmas.  So a great big shout-out and thank you, Momma Ellen, Ashlee, and Morgan, for including us and letting us have “family time” with yall.  It’s a big deal to me, even if I’m terrible about expressing it.  And don’t worry, folks!  I am heading down to Texas to see Momma and Daddy for a belated Christmas at the end of January.  “Christmas” to us is a very flexible holiday and hasn’t landed on December 25th in quite some time.  It’s more about the ability to get together, to eat and laugh and talk and eat and drink and eat; to catch up and pass around pictures and hug a lot.  We really don’t even do presents anymore.  I’m heartbroken that Brea won’t be able to go with us this year.  Circumstances have made it pretty impossible for her to be able to afford a plane ticket, which just makes me outrageously angry at everything – the circumstances themselves, myself for not being able to buy the ticket for her, the government for not being able to fix the economy, and Al Gore for obviously causing global warming.  But that’s life, and the world will continue to spin.  It still sucks.

Back to Christmas, I was tickled pink to get to see my best friends and stuff our faces with Nicole’s heavenly homemade cookies while chatting.  J and I got a wild hair and went to the movies on Christmas Eve and saw Sherlock Holmes 2.  (Its pretty good, you should go see it.)  We did presents with Brea that night since she worked Christmas morning (angry face) and took nice long walks in the lovely Bend weather.  A few gifts here and there, lots of laughing, lots of eating and drinking and merry-making.  You know, all the things Christmas should be.  Delightful.

Up next: New Year’s!  I’ll admit, I really like this time of year.  Not the party and ball drop and staying up past my bedtime – I’ve never had much luck with that part.  I’m more partial to the introspective part, looking back over another year gone, looking ahead to new adventures, new plans, new anything!  I love the fresh feeling of waking up January 1st, the feeling that a new slate is before me, ready to be filled.  Of course, I’m fully prepared with countless pieces of scrap paper and sticky-notes proudly listing goals, projects, ideas, places, sketches, dreams and plans.  I don’t make New Year’s Resolutions.  I can’t get into the tradition.  Resolutions are too confining for me.  To me, a resolution is something you want to change – lose weight, spend more time with the family, stop picking your nose – and that has negative connotations to my brain.  I don’t want to resolve to do anything.  I just want to plan and dream of all that I could do.  Besides, lets me honest, who ever actually follows through with their resolution?  I much prefer my to-do lists.

Looking back is entertaining, as well.  Look at all we’ve done, what we’ve accomplished!  Due to my unnatural obsession with lists, I like to bust out a blank page and jot things down – new friends I’ve made, new places I’ve seen, new skills I’ve learned, new schemes I’ve hatched.  I’ll even throw in things like projects I never finished, people I’ve lost touch with, items that never received their scratch-through on the to-do list.  I get a real sense of relief by doing this, by reminding myself that I’m not a wart on the face of the planet, stagnant and ugly.  No, I’m living as I want to, most of the time, taking a stab at all this journey has to offer.  And even when I don’t do all the things I want, or forgot to finish something, or never gathered the courage to tackle that belly-dancing class, I can still see that I am moving, pulsating with life, challenging myself to push my own limits.

And that makes me feel good and alive and excited!  I can’t wait for another year to forge ahead, see what experiences I can rack up for next year’s lists.  How utterly awesome to have so much before us, the choices and decisions and unexpected! I can hardly wait to get started!

Oh, and we’re going up into Canada to Silver Star Ski Resort for a little mountain action to ring in all this excitement.  My new snowboard is at the shop right now, getting a nice wax job.  (Not me, just my board.)  Don’t worry, as much as I hate it, I did buy a helmet for this year and plan to at least take my wrist brace with me.  I’ll try real hard to keep all bones intact and other injuries at bay.  Cross your fingers for me….

What’s your favorite thing about the holidays?  Do you make new year’s resolutions – what’s yours for this year?  And do you have any plans for the big transition to 2012??  (I really do want to know!)

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