Finding Our Voices

12 03 2017

My dad loves to tell people that I took my sweet time learning how to talk. But once I figured it out, I haven’t shut up since!

Har har, Dad.

But it’s no secret that I like to chat. Conversation is such a great way to connect with people. I’ve actually been trying to be more conscious of my listening skills so I talk less. It’s tough, especially because I yammer on when I’m nervous.

But recently, specifically beginning about November, I found my voice getting stuck in my throat. I listen to the news in astonishment at what is happening in and to our country. I stare silently in disbelief when one of my Hispanic students asked me what a rapist is, and if her daddy was a good one or a bad one. The boy across the street told her they should all go back to Mexico so he didn’t have to live by a rapist anymore. She’s 10 years old and has no idea what that means, but worries about her dad.

What do I say to that? What do I say to any of it?

January 20 brought a whole new round of feelings. I hadn’t been on Facebook for a while, so I logged on to see if I was missing anything. And I was. I was missing hate being smeared all over my feed. Many friends in Texas and the Midwest were posting and sharing things that I couldn’t believe would come from them – people I know to be good people! I finally closed my laptop with a depressed sigh of despair and pulled my 45-pound dog into my lap. What is happening?!

The morning of January 21, I met my bestie Ashlee in Portland and we headed downtown. We discussed the state of things back home but she was very reassuring. “I think we can make a difference in this,” she hugged me. Walking towards downtown, we started seeing more and more people headed the same direction. The signs, the cheering, the pink hats – we were gathering for the Women’s March on Washington.

And as we waited near the Morrison Bridge, listening to speakers and poets and bands and politicians, I felt hope blossoming in my chest. As I read the homemade signs around me, that hope bloomed outward towards my limbs. I saw two strangers hug and laugh as they noticed they had on matching t-shirts, and I saw men wearing pink hats, and children singing along with the bands. Hope filled my legs and moved me through the rain and mud and cold to the streets; it moved my arms to hug my best friend and wave to people on the sidewalks; it filled my lungs to move my vocal chords and suddenly I was shouting, “LOVE. TRUMPS. HATE!”

I had found my voice. It was there inside me, waiting all along.

women's march on washington - PDX 2017

Marching for the ladies!

I wanted to dance in those streets, sing with the joy of it all. Approximately 100,000 people showed up that day, in a city of only about 600,000. We marched through the streets to stand up for what we believe in – and it felt so good. I felt empowered and excited and surrounded by others willing to stand up together. Reports said it was the largest event of its kind Portland had ever seen, and it was entirely peaceful. Not one arrest, no violence, though lots of singing, chanting, and unity all around. It was incredible to be a part of.

Then I came home.

I stupidly checked Facebook again to be confronted with a backlash of more hateful comments and posts. “Get a job and you wouldn’t have time to march!” “Go home and take care of your families instead of rubbing your vulgar filth in our faces!” “Women are equal in this country, you must be stupid to think otherwise!” “Sit your privileged asses down and realize how good you have it!” “Women in Syria are facing real issues, you need to just shut up!”

I’m not making this up, these are real things I saw posted on Facebook. And I was utterly flabbergasted by what I read. Whhaaa … ? No, you can’t really think that… But wait, don’t you see… Wait….

But this time, I was not sorry for posting my pictures, I was not worried that these people might think differently of me because I had marched, I was not afraid that I might have to defend my actions to people like my own family. I was worried for them. And I was angry and upset. Of course we haven’t achieved equality in this country! No our fight is not over! Yes there are real threats to reproductive rights and women’s healthcare and yes I am damn upset about it! All the rights we do enjoy have been secured by those who stood up for them in the past!

Yet once again, my voice was paralyzed – how do I articulate my fears and defend my position? I get frustrated and don’t know how to put into words my feelings and opinions. And social media is a place of screaming, not listening; no one is open to conversation or hearing each other out. Everyone is shouting in capital letters to get their opinion to the top of the list…and the result is a cacophony of “I’M RIGHT AND YOU’RE NOT!”

Not surprisingly, someone else managed to articulate some of the things I could not. The blogger Dina Leygerman wrote a post that made me yell THANK YOU! THAT’S WHAT I’VE BEEN TRYING TO SAY!

I get it. You want to feel empowered. You don’t want to believe you’re oppressed. Because that would mean you are indeed a “second-class citizen.” You don’t want to feel like one. I get it. But don’t worry. I will walk for you. I will walk for your daughter. And your daughter’s daughter. And maybe you will still believe the world did not change. You will believe you’ve always had the rights you have today. And that’s okay. Because women who actually care and support other women don’t care what you think about them. They care about their future and the future of the women who come after them.

Open your eyes. Open them wide. Because I’m here to tell you, along with millions of other women that you are not equal. Our equality is an illusion. A feel-good sleight of hand. A trick of the mind. I’m sorry to tell you, but you are not equal. And neither are your daughters.

Thank you Dina, for saying so directly what I was feeling, for giving me your words.

And after much thought and discussion and reading and listening, I have found what it boils down to for me. At the heart of my distress is the concept of “it’s not all about YOU.” Since when did we stop sticking up for those being bullied and oppressed? Since when did it become ok to sit idly by while others are unjustly treated, persecuted, stripped of their rights? Besides being a woman, I am pretty safe. I am white, American-born, middle-class, straight, educated, employed, Christian, and married. In a word, I am privileged. So why would I not use that to stand up for all those who are not?  Why would I not stand up for what is right, regardless of how I am directly affected? Already, I can feel my words stumbling and choking again, my passion and anger tripping my words as I try desperately to explain….

So let me just say the one thing that I have no trouble getting out: I still love you. For our differences, I love you. And I promise to practice asking questions and listening to your answers and trying to understand. The biggest thing I have learned out of this mayhem is that we have GOT to stop spewing hate at each other and start asking questions instead. Listen to one another and we’re a lot more alike than we realize. Ask questions to hear their side and what they’re afraid of and what they’re feeling. Practice pulling back judgement and listening instead of lashing back and attacking what they say. Try to have a little empathy and compassion.

Because right now, it feels like love is losing. But I believe love always wins. Love will always trump hate.


“We must always fear evil men. But there is another kind of evil that we must fear the most, and that is the indifference of good men.” (Boondock Saints)



Reminiscing Once More

31 12 2016

Here we are, sitting on the cusp of another new year. I’m not going to lie, I’m a little surprised we made it.


Whew, we made it. That was a rough one, girlfriend.

It’s weird to sit back and think over the last year. Partly because I haven’t had much time to sit back and think at all over the last 12 months. But being New Year’s Eve, I feel ok about allowing myself these few minutes of nostalgia….

This time last year, I was overflowing with all the feels – I had diamonds on my left hand that I couldn’t stop staring at while I shimmied into my gold dress to ring in the new year in the city square in Granada, Spain. We ate grapes and cheered and sang and kissed under the grand lights and I felt like this was going to be such a great year!!!


So optimistically happy ❤

And a lot of really amazing things did happen this year. Since my social media is full of lists of all the crappy things that happened in 2016, I’m not going to add my own. The future is unknown, and right now a little uncertain and scary, so I’m going to ruminate on the positive.

  1. I came home from an incredible adventure in Spain, engaged to my handsome beau
  2. Grad school did not kill me, and instead I graduated
  3. After lots of anxiety and applications, I landed my first teaching position
  4. During the first week of said teaching position, our 2 families gathered together and I married that handsome beau and made him mine
  5. I turned 32, and felt ok about it
  6. Teaching proved to be the hardest thing I’ve ever done, but I made it the first trimester
  7. We bailed ship as soon as school let out and celebrated…well everything, on a delayed honeymoon in Costa Rica

And here we are! J and I are still unpacking and resettling after our adventures. We talk a lot about the coming months, years, but right now, its nice to celebrate the happiness we have right here right now.

Happy New Year!


It’s almost NOVEMBER?!

23 10 2016


Oh, right, it’s just time, flying by at warp speed. Did it speed up? Am I just going crazy?

Wait, my sanity has taken quite a hit lately! Regardless, I guess I’m just busier than I have been in a while. Or, like ever.

Good news, though: I’ve been teaching 5th grade for a month and a half, and no one has died! Or even been majorly injured! (Except my sanity.) I gotta say, though – teaching is HARD, ya’ll. Not so much the act of teaching content, life skills, and social skills to 31 individuals all at different levels and with different learning styles and abilities – no, that part I feel like I have down. If only that was all my job was about. But then you throw in the other things…the bus duty, and cafeteria duty, and changing schedules, and parent communication, and tracking/documenting every little thing. Don’t forget to collect evidence for the yearly teacher evaluation, and remember your month for birthday snacks, and didn’t you know everyone wears blue on Fridays?? Well they do. And that kid that won’t get on the bus needs consoling so he’ll board and everyone can go home. Staff meetings every Tuesday, new teacher meetings on Mondays, grade-level collaboration on Wednesdays, weekly catch-up on Fridays, and someone is sure to stop by on Thursdays. Don’t worry, the adventures of being across a parking lot from the main building in portables only adds to the everyday excitement! It’s just a little rain kids, we won’t melt!

So yeah, time has left me behind. Thankfully, I have the greatest group of 5th graders on the planet, and the most amazing coworkers to pull me through on a daily basis. The struggles some of these 10-year-olds are forced to face would rip your heart to pieces, but they still push on. I require all my students to write in a journal, and turn it in once a week. Some write beautiful poetry, some create incredible works of fiction, some regale me with tales of their weekend adventures. When the threat of a bad grade is removed, and they aren’t focused on spelling or grammar, they start writing all kinds of things. And man do they love science! And history! We currently have jugs of mini compost habitats for red worms on the bookshelf, and our butterfly larvae just built their cocoons! We researched butterfly facts all one afternoon, after spending the morning lost in the rainforests of Central America searching for Maya ruins. It’s been a lot of fun. If they learn anything at all in my classroom, I hope it’s to use their imaginations to problem solve, and that finding information isn’t nearly as important as figuring out what to do with it.

And I even managed to sneak off one weekend and tie the knot with that handsome JBoo of mine. Our families flew in from all over, several friends drove in from Bend, and we had an epic weekend overflowing with love. It was pure magic. We all gathered at a big beach house on the Oregon coast and just relaxed together. The weather mostly cooperated and two families became one. Since we had all weekend, everyone got to spend time together, and we bonded over ax throwing, ultimate frisbee, long walks down the beach, rowdy games, and lots of amazing food. The collaborative spirit of our friends helped us pull the whole thing off, and the whole group contributed to make the weekend go without a hitch. Despite the incredible weather we were blessed with, it turned windy, cold, and foggy Saturday afternoon for the ceremony. Thankfully, it was a pretty short and sweet affair, though we didn’t quite get all the pictures I wanted. It was too cold to stand out there! But our awesome photographer, Jon, snapped quickly and captured some fantastic pictures. He was able to shoot all during the weekend and documented the candid fun beyond just the formal ceremony. So good.

married on the coast, Rockaway Beach OR 2016

Happily ever after.

Yep, I’ve been a little on the busy side. We’re settling into a routine, and life is chugging along. We just booked our honeymoon over winter break, so we have something big to look forward. My class size was reduced to 27, from 31, which has made a big difference in my classroom. I’m figuring things out and finding my way around my school, while trying to find a work/life balance. The next time I get a chance to blog, it might be Thanksgiving…or New Year’s…but that’s ok. I have found where I’m supposed to be, doing what I’m meant to be doing, and I’m happy.

Life is good. 🙂

I Lost My Heart In Oregon

21 02 2015

Ah, Halmark Day… the most manufactured holiday of all. A celebration, supposedly, of love that has turned into yet another marketing campaign. BUY BUY BUY! Ugh.

Thankfully, J and I are in agreement about this, so we ignored the holiday as usual and took a little mini-vacay down to Bend for some much-needed quality time with friends. And by ignoring all the V-day mumbo-jumbo, we had a weekend full of love and friendship and happiness. Best.Ever.

Friday night was Girls’ Night for me – a movie and margaritas with some of my favorite ladies. My face hurt from so much laughing, and my soul felt recharged from the great energy of such amazing woman. Girl power!

Then Saturday was our double-date with MAsh and the great outdoors. I have to admit I’m pretty sad about the lack of snow and winter, but the Central Oregon sunshine is tough to beat. We drove up to the trail-head for Black Butte and started climbing. It didn’t take long for me to fall behind the group – the views were worth slowing down for!

3 Sisters from Black Butte, Sisters OR

Broken Top and the 3 Sisters, sun tanning in February

Cascade Mountains of Central Oregon

From this side, we see Mt Jefferson, then Mt Hood, and if you squint you might see Mt Adams teeny tiny to the right of Hood!! I CAN SEE ALL THE WAY TO WASHINGTON!

We took a rest and a snack break once we reached the top, and of course we took more pictures….

silly on Black Butte, Sisters OR

J, always improvising, testing out his new selfie stick….er, selfie log??

friends on Black Butte, Sisters OR


After our hike, we roamed around Bend on foot. The Old Mill District was all a-buzz with the craziness of WinterFest (despite the lack of winter…) and our stop at Crux Brewery found quite a party. We drifted back to MAsh’s house for dinner and board games, and fell asleep that night with dreams of mountains and sun beams dancing in our heads.

We started off our Sunday the best way possible: awesome yoga class followed by the sauna to really get those muscles relaxed. Then, because this is us we’re talking about, we undid all that wonderful work on our muscles, and went for another hike. This time, we headed down a river canyon, following the Deschutes River to Steelhead Falls.

hiking along the Descutes River, Steelhead Falls OR

See the tiny little hikers? That’s us!

Living in the Columbia Gorge, we’ve seen our fair share of falls. Doesn’t matter – Steelhead is an impressive beast! Not super tall, but so much water!

Steelhead Falls, Terrebone OR

Steelhead Falls

Steelhead Falls, central oregon

Waterfalls (and each other) make us happy

Gorgeous day with incredible friends, my happy mutt, and my dashing beau. This hike was one of the very first hikes J and I did together when we were first dating. We hiked by this tree and my memory flashed – I remembered how muddy the trail was, how warm the sun felt, and that tree…the tree whose branches provided shade while J kissed me like a girl ought to be kissed.

I’m not a fan of this over-commercialized farce of a holiday, but I am a fan of love. All love, all forms of love, all faces of love. And on this day after Valentines, enjoying the outdoors with my buddies, I basked in the love around me. I lost my heart up here in the Pacific Northwest – gave it away gladly. I gave it to the mountains, to the forests, to the sunsets, to the rivers, to the waterfalls, to the coastline, to the lifestyle. By some stroke of luck, I found a man to entrust with my heart, and then a mutt who stole the last few bits.

Good thing hearts are such unique organs – we can keep giving of them and also filling them, yet we never run out, we’re never too full. Sharing our hearts just seem to make them bigger, and even though they can be broken, add more love and they will always mend.  The pieces I’ve left elsewhere are in good hands, and I have plenty more for the people and places I’ve yet to fall in love with.

man and dog at Steelhead Falls OR

What a lucky gal I am ❤

Valentines Day doesn’t hold much meaning for me, but, cheesy as it sounds, I’m head over heels for love. My goal is to acknowledge and appreciate the love in my life every single day.

Also, J’s new nickname is JBoo…


top of Black Butte, Sisters OR

Feel the love, yall!


Happy Christmas and Merry New Year!

28 12 2014

Another year is almost completely gone! Where did it go? Why do I ask the same question every year? (Insanity is sounding more and more familiar….)

Through the years, Christmas has always been my favorite time of year. Even when I worked in retail and saw the worst side of humanity. (Grown women throwing blows for a cheap laptop? C’mon people.) The festivity of December just excites me, and fills me with wonder and joy and all the other emotions Hallmark writes about. The lights! and the carols! and the cheer!

cutting our own christmas tree

We chopped our own little bitty tree to fit in our little bitty living room!

This year, we kept it quiet. We learned our lesson trying to travel at the holidays (or in the winter in general…) and just stay home. My heart aches at being so far from my family this time of year, but I’m blaming my extra sadness on the lack of vitamin D. We’ve seriously had maybe two full days of sunshine for MONTHS – I’m so sick of the rain!

We also didn’t get a white Christmas, which was just one more thing for me to be sad about. But as I snuggled with my boys during my full 5 days off work, all I could feel was a heart overflowing with gratitude for the abundance I have to be happy about.

Looking around our tiny little house, the colorful lights reflected off the windows and silver garland, our two-foot Charlie Brown tree shone in the corner, three bulging stockings hung from the shelf, and I was snuggled up between my sweet J and my snoring pup. Our bellies were all full, we were all warm and safe, and the three of us were together. Our own little family.

Christmas on the Columbia, Hood River OR

My boss sent a company-wide email Tuesday afternoon announcing that he was giving all of us Friday off as a paid holiday, giving the whole company 5 days of uninterrupted holiday. J and I went for long walks, took the dog hiking up in the mountains, cooked a Christmas feast together, unwrapped our gifts, and spent hours playing our new board game and helping Simba break in his new toy. It was a wonderful time for us to catch up on “us”, spending quality time with no obligation to rush off somewhere, or get something done.

Christmas tree decorations of love

And that’s all I really wanted for Christmas. To spend time with those I love, re-energize after the “holiday scramble”, and take the time to acknowledge this wonderful life we live.

I sincerely hope yall had a wonderful holiday, whichever one you celebrate. I’d give every one of you a hug if I could, so hug yourself for me. And may 2015 bring all sorts of wonderful things your way!


we wish you a Merry Christmas

Three Years and a Big Shiny Rock!

5 09 2013

Holy Moses, folks, you’ll never believe it – JRock and I have been together for THREE YEARS!! We’ve tolerated each other quite well, and I think I can safely say we even still like each other. Isn’t that something?! Good grief, that means 36 months together,  156 weeks shared, 1068 days of not killing one another. I’m quite proud of us!

celebrating 3 years together, Bend OR

25,632 hours – so far! – with this dashing gentleman

We don’t actually have an exact date we call our “anniversary”. I’m going to blame this on the fact that we never made our relationship “official” on Facebook. (*gasp* are we even actually dating if we didn’t tell Facebook?!?!) Whatev, we just decided to celebrate on Labor Day weekend, partly out of convenience, partly so we could both remember. We know this is after we met and somewhere near the date I first visited him in Washington.

The first 6 months of our relationship were mostly long-distance, and then we moved in together.

Whew, glad that worked out!

So we celebrated on Labor Day weekend again. Last year we did our 3-day back-packing trip, a trip which convinced me my darling might actually be trying to kill me. But I survived, so we had to come up with something to do for this year.

We’re not really gift people. Instead of stressing over what to give each other, we prefer way-fun activities. We take mini-trips for birthdays, ignore Valentine’s, explore for anniversaries – even Christmas is more about time together than flashy gifts for us.

So imagine my utter SHOCK when J presented me with a huge, sparkly, ROCK for our 3 year celebration!!

He even dug it out of the ground himself!

digging thunder eggs at Richardson Rock Ranch, Madras OR

JRock mining for my present. I wasn’t kidding.

My honey bunches loves me and knew just what to get me:

thunder egg from Oregon

Just what every girl wants – purple, sparkly, unique, and as big as my hand!! ❤

There’s a place outside Madras, Oregon, called Richardson’s Rock Ranch where we were given a couple handpicks and buckets and vague directions of “out yonder” and “close gates behind you”. Then we drove out across their ridiculously gorgeous ranch to beds marked on our sketchy map. Tools in hand, we wallowed in the dirt a while, using our handpicks to pry treasures out of the volcanic soil. These treasures are commonly known as “thunder eggs” (I’d like to know what tool bag got to pick that name, and what he was smoking when he decided “thunder eggs” was the winning choice….). They come in all sizes and really do kind of look like eggs when you manage to get them out intact. You can collect as many as you want, then pay by the pound for what you want to keep. Better yet, they’ll cut them open for you!

And my poopsy-whoopsy knows how much I like rocks and wallowing in the dirt. The beautiful day and gorgeous scenery were just added bonuses!

digging at Richardson Rock Ranch, OR

The digging part was as much fun as the surprises hiding inside the “thunder eggs”!

I could have dug all day, but we had a limited time frame and had to get back to Bend. We did get to wander their rock shop while we waited for our eggs to get sliced, and chatted with the Richardson Grandma outside the shop while peafowl roamed around us. Four generations of their family help with the operation.

And of course, Simba had a great time, too! He even did a little digging himself! (Though I think he was looking for a cool spot to nap, not thunder eggs…)

dog resting in the shade, Richardson Rock Ranch OR

Found a nice piece of shade to sprawl in – perfect!

Oh wait, you didn’t think I meant we got ENGAGED, did you?!?!

Don’t be ridiculous.


Adventures in Parenting (Sort of)

9 01 2013

That’s probably a title you weren’t expecting, am I right? What, you missed the memo about my pregnancy?!

Good news, you didn’t miss anything, I was never pregnant. (Collective sigh of relief) Nope, I adopted! Not the wrinkly, bald, screaming type, but the furry, slobbery, tail-wagging type. Oh yes, I got a dog.

This is a bigger deal than you might think. For one thing, I’ve been looking forever. Shelters, rescue groups, – you name it. Then a mis-communication with our previous landlords put a nice halt to my search. But for the better, honestly, since we had our little hiatus to Peru and moved across the state.

But now here we are, settling into a house where dogs are allowed, not going anywhere for a while. There have been a few…complications. We haven’t been home a single weekend, first of all. Then, the first available Saturday, in comes massive amounts of snow. I piled on the layers, kissed J farewell, and set off through the white haze to find my pup. A little snow can’t stop me!

After I FINALLY got to the shelter (the snow really did try to stop me), I went back to the kennels to take a look. I don’t know how most folks go about choosing a pet, but I want a dog for very selfish reasons. I want a buddy to keep me company while I’m home alone all day, I want a fun little guy to go on long walks with me, I want a new companion to love me unconditionally. Needless to say, I’ve been picky. The first two dogs I met were cute, but it’s hard to really get a feel for a dog’s personality when you’re sitting in a little room and they’re more interested in smelling the door to the cat room than cuddling with another stranger.

But then one of the shelter employees started telling me about another dog. Everything she said sounded amazing – bring him out! They brought this handsome fellow into the room, he immediately rushed over for some petting, and before long, he was curled up at my feet staring up at me with adoring eyes while I rubbed his soft belly. Perfection.

A mountain of paperwork later, we were headed back through the blizzard together.

adopt a dog from home at last shelter, The Dalles OR

Loves his rear scratched…we’re meant for each other

Adopting a dog means bringing home all their quirks. My sweet guy, Simba, can’t tell me his story. I have no idea what he’s been through, but since he’s a little over 6 years old, I imagine his past isn’t pretty. He’s timid, shy, and jumpy. But as I discovered over the next few days, he’s also affectionate, eager to please, and housebroke (usually) – and amazing good company.

I don’t know what its like to raise baby humans; my mothering skills are limited to my baby plants in my garden (which I ate) and my traveling betta (who’s more interested in his rocks than in me). But I have a good idea as to what happens to a woman once she has her first child – I have countless gal pals that post every sacred moment of their child’s life all over facebook…get a grip, ladies! Sadly, I might soon be joining them. If you happen to be a facebook friend of mine, feel free to remove me from your news feed when my updates become too disgusting.

I just can’t help but be amazed and enthralled at the changes taking place in him! I imagine this must be similar to a mini human learning to crawl or saying it’s first words…right? Simba’s personalty has slowly emerged, and he is quite the little man! The shyness is melting away to reveal a funny and playful side – yesterday, I caught him playing with my stability ball and about died laughing. He’s also turning out to be loyal and loving, following me room to room and laying on the floor while I do whatever I’m doing. He sleeps soundly most of the day, snoring loudly on my purple shag rug next to my desk while I work. And he acts like I hung the moon and stars, the way he looks at me with such adoration, licks my hands when I put his leash on, and tries so incredibly hard to lay in my lap when I sit on the floor with him.

doggy kisses

covering my face in kisses…thankfully not super slobbery ones

I’m assuming tiny humans aren’t always perfect and like to drive their parents crazy, right? I’m pretty sure my pup is right on board. We wake up at ungodly hours for bodily demands, we poop in the wrong places, we whine and cry just because we want our way even though we’ve gone outside 40 times in the last 2 hours and still have not leaked one OUNCE of pee. (I know I left some patience lying around here somewhere…)

But considering it’s only been a few days, he really is doing great. He even managed to charm J into a couple outings while I ran to the store. That’s saying something, since we clearly agreed this was to be my dog, responsibilities and all. And despite my frustrations with him, I know it’s not his fault. He’s just a dog, and we don’t exactly speak the same language. Besides, he’s MY dog, MY baby, and therefore, I love him no matter what he does. We’re good for each other – both needing the other. He needs my attention and my forever home, I need his walks to get me away from my desk a few times a day. Ok, and maybe I need his attention, too.

I think he knows I’m writing about him – he just looked up at me with one ear kind of down to one side, the other standing up, put a paw on my leg and licked my elbow, then curled back up on his rug to go to sleep. There’s nothing like puppy love. ❤

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