Colors of Winter

15 01 2017

Ok fine, I did it. I pulled out my DSLR and my fingerless gloves to give Winter another photoshoot. My first winter in Twisp with J, I did the same thing – I couldn’t NOT take photos of the splendor outside my windows (click to see the post). The icicles intrigued me most and I took hundreds of photos that day.

Time to try again. This time, it wasn’t so much the snow that piqued my curiosity, but rather the hidden color peeking out of it. On my long walks, I’ve been noticing how the world has taken on the look of an old black and white movie. But if you look closer, colors that would normally just blend in with the landscape become happy contrast against the blurred monotony of snow.

The ordinary becomes extraordinary. The bland becomes brilliant. The boring becomes the central focus.

The cobalt of the newspaper boxes pops in the snowbank. The hunter trashcans and royal recycle buckets decorate the curbs. The various greens and browns and grays suddenly all vie for attention. LOOK AT ME! I’M SO PRETTY AGAINST ALL THE BORING WHITE!!! Little things scream at out at me as I start searching – once my focus has been adjusted, color is everywhere!

buried fire hydrant, hood river winter 2017

Peek-a-boo hydrant


recycle hood river oregon winter 2017

Recycling is beautiful

The cold temperatures have kept everything frozen, so it’s still crisply white – no gray sludge to be seen!

rosebushes in winter PNW 2017

Pretty rose hips


snow wagon Hood River OR winter 2017

Primary colors

They obviously don’t have kids or that huge yard wouldn’t be so untouched. (Do you wanna build a snowman..?)

winter leaves PNW 2017

Even the browns are lovely


snow drifts Hood River 2017

50 Shades of Gray….


Rocky Road, Hood River 2017 winter

Side of Rocky Road

And my favorite little splash of color:

snow dog PNW winter 2017

Yesterday the sun peeked out but today is gloomy once more. Snow flakes are dancing and I’m thinking it’s time to venture out of our own neighborhood. I’m sure I can rouse Simba from his fireside rug to head out for one or two more adventures before it’s time for reality to return.

Who knows what magic we’ll find next!!



Can’t Sit Still!!

6 06 2013

The weather has taken a turn for summer and it nearly kills me to sit inside all day. I try to limit my time spent gazing longingly out the window behind my computer, but that’s dang difficult. Good thing I can type and stare out the window at the same time! (I almost responded to a client, “That breeze looks so lovely, making the lilacs sway like that!” Maybe this isn’t a good plan after all…)

Yesterday, I didn’t wear my sweater when Simba and I took our 7am walk. That’s the first time since we’ve lived here! It was such a gorgeous walk I felt like a poet, such flowery thoughts were floating through my brain. (And I am no poet, normally.) I am reminded every single morning of what an incredible place I live in. The natural beauty astounds me day after day, even though we walk the exact same path, day after day.

There are so many flowers! and birds! and Mt Adams – holy cow!! I just can’t get enough. I get EXCITED to get up at 6:45 every morning to take Simba out. I’m as disappointed as he is if we don’t get to go (like the entire two weeks it dumped rain every day…).

So here’s a little preview of the glorious morning Simba and I enjoyed. You’re welcome to swing by and join us!

Mt Adams, Washington

Adams watching over us the whole way – such a nice old gent!

walking the dog in the country, Trout Lake WA

Simba loves the tall grass, and pouncing on mice in the fence row like he’s a fox!

dirt road meadow in the forest, Trout Lake WA

This open field appears to be part of a tree farm with tiny little baby trees popping up in rows. And DAISIES! (I love daisies.)

field of daisies, Trout Lake WA

A close-up of the above-mentioned field of daisies. HOW GREAT ARE THESE?!


shady lane at Trout Lake WA

The shady lane along the lake. Simba to the left, Mt Adams and Trout Lake the lake to the right. How can you not just love this to pieces?

shadows and lupines, Trout Lake WA

Just a girl and her pooch, loving the life we live. And these lupines. We love lupines, too.

The birds twitter all around us, a nice gentle breeze is usually blowing, and the quiet morning surrounds us like a peaceful hug. It’s a great way to start the day!


Ok, so now I’m going to sneak this in at the end of the post, while you’re all distracted by the pretty pictures. I can barely type I’m so excited, partly because my knee banging the underside of my desk keeps messing me up, partly because I’m embarking on an adventure of a lifetime soon. As in tomorrow. For those of you who are growing tired of pictures of flowers and my sweet mutt, stick around just a little longer! KSnapped is about to get a whole lot more exciting! (Well, Simba will still probably be in all my pictures, but he’s so cute you don’t care, do you.)

Life is good, my friends, life is good! Now I have to go pack.


For All You Mommas

12 05 2013

**My apologies to anyone who received an email for a post that didn’t actually exist yet. I had a slight technical difficulty while attempting to use my WordPress phone app. Oops. 

Here we are again, another Mother’s Day. My momma is awesome on a daily basis, and I hope I tell her that often enough. But I still feel sad (and guilty) every year when the day just for her rolls around and I’m stuck with a phone call and package she probably won’t receive until afterward because of my issues with the Post Office. I’m the terrible daughter that moved 2500 miles away, then convinced her other daughter to come with me – and yet she still loves me. What a woman!

I’m at the age now where many of my friends are mommas, too. And throughout my life, I’ve adopted friends’ mommas as my own. I have two awesome grandmammas,  though one is in Heaven now. After that fateful 45-mile drive through a blizzard to the shelter last January, I’m now a dog-momma myself. So today I salute all you mommas, grandmommas, step mommas, foster mommas, adopted mommas, stand-in mommas, pet-mommas, soon-to-be mommas, maybe-someday mommas, and even the I-don’t-think-I’m-gonna-be mommas. I don’t have all your addresses and 1-800-flowers said they don’t deliver to email addresses, so I went out this morning and found you a bouquet of gorgeous flowers from our wonderful Mother Nature that I could send you digitally. All of you.


apple blossoms for mothers day, Trout Lake WA

Apple blossoms on their last leg. Beautiful even in their last days.


Pacific Dogwood – these are actually about as big as my hand. I can see these from my window!


Found this beauty growing at the corner of the house all by herself. Despite scouring my resources (aka asking J and him looking in the flower book) we were unable to identify her. Anyone know what she is?


Oregon tea tree, or redstem ceanothus, growing by the driveway. I love the dance number these guys had going today!

lupines for mothers day 2013, Trout Lake WA

Lupines!! These are for all my Texas mommas out there, since they’re the close cousin to the bluebonnets you probably laid your babies in to take pictures.

Lovely phlox in varying shades of purple, one of my favs, hanging out with the yellow lomatium – what a cute couple!


Say what you will about dandelions, I happen to love them. And my mother was always patiently appreciative to receive them by the handfuls.


A lovely bunch of red columbines. I love how they look like little shooting stars.


This red-flowering currant is growing next to the huge “ranger station” sign. Simba and I walk by and smell the blooms almost every morning!

miner's lettuce, Columbia Gorge wildflowers

I almost stepped on this teensy-weensy little miner’s lettuce. Tiny perfection.

serviceberry bushes, wildflowers Washington

Service berry bushes – we had these in Twisp, too. They smell absolutely heavenly.

spring daffodils, Columbia Gorge wildflowers

I was about to go inside when I turned and saw this guy looking at me like “Hey! Don’t forget me!” All my other daffodils have already withered except for this exceptional white one. You handsome devil, you!


Another unidentified flower, this one crawling along the ground out by the front gate. Anyone know?

Happy Mother’s Day, everyone!


PS: Feel free to come visit and check out my yard full of wildflowers yourself!

Spring? Is that You? Nice of You to Join Us.

3 05 2013

Finally May, and Spring just might actually be here. Well, at my house anyway. I’m ignoring all the reports of snow and ice elsewhere in the country. It’s sunny and 63 degrees in my corner of the world, so who cares?! (I kid, I kid.)

But the tell-tale signs are there – happy daffodils dancing in the breeze, winter-dormant bushes and trees exploding buds from every branch, twitterpated little birdies flitting about too early in the morning. Last weekend at my bestie’s birthday bash, we sat out on the deck of the cabin we were renting and enjoyed the sunshine all afternoon. It was a bit cooler than today, but still nice.

I’ve even lost my mind and attacked my house in a crazy whirlwind of spring cleaning. (This can’t be good for my health.) Living in a big, old house has it’s disadvantages. Like forty billion corners for spiders to build webs in, and dirt from half a century ago hiding in odd spots. Thankfully, J and I aren’t slobs and my deep cleaning should last a while. I don’t know how often I can scrub the bathroom ceiling without toppling off the chair or sink – odds are, it’s bound to happen eventually!

But the house is looking gorgeous, the yard is looking gorgeous, and Simba and I sat in the grass in a nice patch of sunshine for a solid 5 minutes today. My coworkers in the office take smoke breaks, I take sunshine breaks.

spring daffodil, Trout Lake WA

Sun shiney daffodil – it’s glowing!!

I am a little bit sad that ski season is over, and I’m probably more surprised than anyone that such a statement would ever come from me. But I finally have an AMAZING gear set-up (minus poles, I never did get a set…) and was super amped up to become a ski pro. (It only takes a couple days on the mountain to be an expert, right?) I’m glad we managed to squeeze in 3 days of spring skiing, but it’s over, and I’m left whining about it.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not sad winter is over. No no, old man winter definitely overstayed his welcome this year. I love living in a place that sees more seasons that hot, really hot, unbearably hot, and 2 seconds of slightly chilly (I grew up in Texas), but I’m not crazy about 6 months of winter, either. At least I still get to hit the mountains, but now I’ll be in my hiking boots and back-pack!! Look out Adams, here I come!

In celebration of my favorite season and my middle name, here are a few more photos of flowers and new growth. There are no people in them because I live in the middle of nowhere. C’mon, now.

spring budding leaves, Trout Lake WA

I love a good set of new leaves

spring time budding bush, Trout Lake WA

And then BAM! new buds

blue flowers, spring in the Columbia Gorge

Nice pop of color while I wait for the lupines to bloom

And since he’s a fantastic model and posed so patiently for me, here’s a nice shot of my darling mutt.

adopted dog, Trout Lake WA

My handsome boy!

I hope your spring is going well. I’m off to enjoy this gorgeous weather with my fabulous weekend guests – stay tuned!


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